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My Wellness Wisdom

Dusty Pink Scrunchie Set x3

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The MMW 22-Momme Mulberry Silk Scrunchies come in three sizes to suits all your hair needs.

MWW Extra-Large Scrunchie; the loose fit and maximized material can be best used night as the Silk will absorb 30% of moisture reducing frizz, eliminating kinks and creases. Ensuring that there’s no damage/ breakage by pulling from the scalp or tying at the ends.

MWW Medium Scrunchie is the one you'll find yourself reaching for most. It’s just the right size to hold hair up without being too much in your way. It's great for day-to-day activities where you want your hair to be out of sight or mind yet still looking full of volume and still secure.

MWW Skinny Scrunchie; Tired of your hair-tie slipping out?  Does your scrunchie slide out of your hair when you are exercising? Or leave you with kinks and creases?  That will be the last time it happens with the MWW Skinny Scrunchies!  This is a MUST have especially perfect for all outdoor activities such as running, cycling or any other sports activity giving you hair ultimate security with zero movement and zero damage.